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Lost password for root

PostPosted: 20. December 2011 17:09
by hwalker1
I finally got my xammp control panel to work again, after switching off IIS7, but when I then clicked on the admin button for MySql, I was asked for a password. I have a text copy of the database password which I entered, but it did not work. I have searched all over for a way to reset the root password, even finding a file in the mysql system folder called resetroot.bat. Clicking on this just brought up more error messages. I also tried to use various solutions found on the web that seem to work for everyone else, but not for me, as Windows 7 does not recognise any of the commands given as programs, commands or batch files.
So I'm snookered!
Despite having been brought up on dos 3.1, I am also not at all familiar with entering commands into the command prompt window any longer, so many of the items that you may understand like /etc/ and # mean nohing to me.
Can anyone help?

Re: Lost password for root

PostPosted: 20. December 2011 20:40
by Sharley
Would you be so kind as to add your XAMPP version and Operating System to your profile as per these instructions:
Thanks. :)