Where's my phpinfo in a website?

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Where's my phpinfo in a website?

Postby Hanscraft » 18. December 2011 07:00

I'm using the Lynda.com videos to learn PHP. I am trying to create my website within the xampp > htdocs > myfolder with a PHP file calling in the phpinfo(); command. From what I understood, I should be able to get to my site by going to http://localhost/myfolder/my_phpinfo.php. Nothing shows up! If I go to the console at http://localhost, I can click on the phpinfo link. Next step was typing in the full site directory http://localhost/E:/xampp/htcdocs/myfolder/my_phpinfo.php. The phpinfo code printed, but no actual information.

So two questions: how can I get my phpinfo for myfolder to show? and Is there not a shorter URL I could be using?
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Re: Where's my phpinfo in a website?

Postby Sharley » 18. December 2011 07:08

The URI http://localhost/myfolder/my_phpinfo.php is correct for the location E:\xampp\htdocs\myfolder\my_phpinfo.php

You can also access using the one in the Welcome page by going here:

You can shorten the URI by moving your my_phpinfo.php into the htdocs folder then you would type:

If you are having issues make sure that Apache and MySQL are started (running) in the control panel.

If so then look in the E:\xampp\apache\logs\error.log file for clues.

If not then you/we can investigate why they have not started.
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