Can't open the prompt for mysql...

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Can't open the prompt for mysql...

Postby Mandane » 20. March 2004 22:40

Yes, when I try to access mysql, instead of getting the prompt, I just get the long list of... well, I'm not sure what it is.

Here's how I'm getting there:

C:\xampp\mysql\bin\mysql u- (My username) password (My password)

And, like I said, instead of access the prompt, it just show me this really long list... of... commands and such.

Any Help?

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Postby boppy » 21. March 2004 00:33

Hi over there,

If any of your DOS-Commands has any screen-output, you can log it a file, to read what it says like this:

{your_command} >>file.ext

now you can read your Output in the file file.ext! - So you will geht the MySQL Small-Doc on your screen to realize what happened or how to use the command. If you copied you command: There is a mistake in the command. it has to be mysql.exe -u instead of mysql.exe u-

ps: sorry about my english... diesem Sinne
yours boppy

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Postby Mandane » 21. March 2004 04:50

Thanks. My command was wrong.

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