Port Problem! Please help!

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Port Problem! Please help!

Postby CloeSt » 01. December 2011 15:39

Yesterday I installed Xampp, and it couldn't install apache and mysql because the ports were closed. So I did a search, and someone recommended uninstalling Xampp, then close all processes from programs not needed, then install again... and it worked perfectly. And I was able to make use of everything.

After switching my PC on this morning, Apache didn't want to connect. After trying a few times, I uninstalled, and now both Apache and MySQL doesn't want to connect because of closed ports, and I already did what I did yesterday, but it didn't work this time.
I also followed this over here http://www.dummies.com/how-to/content/how-to-open-a-port-in-the-windows-7-firewall.html
to open the ports needed (80, 443, 3306), but that didn't do the trick either.

Please help!

One more thing... After uninstalling, I couldn't get the xampp directory removed, there was some files left there, and I just couldn't get them removed...

And, I use Windows 7, with windows firewall.
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Re: Port Problem! Please help!

Postby Sharley » 01. December 2011 21:59

Start here and then read the following remedial posts:

When you have solved deleting the xampp folder you can then try these uninstall/install instructions to use a different method of installing XAMPP:

New users can find self help by reading these first:
readme_en.txt file in the xampp folder.

Some useful reading that may help you help us to find suitable solutions:
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