problems with mysql

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problems with mysql

Postby anmbia » 01. December 2011 07:12

Mysql won't run when I click on start from the control panel (sometimes the green running tag shows up for a second, but it never stays on). I have tried running the control panel as administrator, I tried running mysql_start.bat but that says "mysql could not be started", I tried uninstalling and reinstalling it with mysql_uninstallservice.bat and mysql_installservice.bat but that says "system error 1067 has occurred." I tried copying my.ini to C:\windows, but it just renames the file to my.ini.old, and hits the same error.

Help? I'm running windows 7 with UAC turned off, xampp 1.7.7
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Re: problems with mysql

Postby Sharley » 01. December 2011 07:20

Try using the new control panel in the xampp folder after first clicking on the Exit button in the older 2.5 version:

Are there any green ticks in the module services column?

Can you start and stop Apache?

The latest XCPv3 versions can be found here:
Download and drag the exe file only from the archive file into the xampp folder and use this version instead.
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