MySql deactivated

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MySql deactivated

Postby joseph.bell » 30. November 2011 00:29

We are setting up a portable PHP/MySql learning environment for a class at our school and elected to use xampp lite.

The idea was to give each student a USB drive with xampp installed...
To make things very easy to start off I have made a relative shortcut in the USB drives root so the students do not have to open the xampp folder to get started...

I did this by creating a bat file just containing the following line:


..and used 'bat to exe Converter' to make this a relative shortcut in the USB drive root
Selected 'Invisible Application' option to suppress console as '-console supress' did not work...

The problem I have is that when starting xampps with this shortcut it will not start MySql...

The xampp-control window says:
MySql started [Port 3306]

but, the 'Running' indicator does not show and the start/stop box stays on 'start'

when I check in Localhost - status it says:

What have I missed?
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Re: MySql deactivated

Postby JonB » 30. November 2011 13:08

Can I ask a question or two?

Did you use the 'full version' or the USB lite version???

Did you try to make it work without all the 'clever tricks' first???

If so, what happened???

Did you check the MySQL error log???

Good Luck
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