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Postby bellamandu » 21. November 2011 21:12

i decided to create a robots.txt file in my root folder when i submitted my site to be indexed by several different search engines. i used a basic generator for the file that i found online as i truthfully have no idea what text needs to be in the file.

i checked my error log today to see if anything has happened since i created the file. i'm getting several "file does not exist" errors for the robots.txt file when the search engines try to find it. i purposely set the file as "read only" when i created it, trying to make sure i have protection from anyone attempting to edit the file that isn't me (i had problems with this once before, then i found out that i can use the built in security features that xampp has to keep this from happening.) i know those features are probably enough, but i still wanted to be sure.

my question is, is this what is causing the spiders to not be able to view the file? i wouldn't think it would. also, will this affect my rankings at all if they can't view robots.txt? i always thought that if there was no robots.txt or if the spiders couldn't access it for some reason, they would just skip it and then continue crawling as normal.
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Re: robots.txt

Postby Sharley » 21. November 2011 21:19

It is now a requirement of membership to the Apache Friends forums that you provide your correct Operating System Version and the correct XAMPP version

Also you were requested to notify the forum of the fix you used so that it might help others in this community who have a similar issues - please conclude your previous topic.
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