php_ssh2.dll for VC9

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php_ssh2.dll for VC9

Postby hchoate » 20. November 2011 18:37

Have installed XAMPP Windows 1.7.7 on Windows 7

Need SSH but can find nothing for VC9

except (2010-11-03 14:54 -0800)
MD5 ( = 3e536a72fdf18729085d75948706eb7f (2010-11-03 14:53 -0800)
MD5 ( = dc574b37e3e6b8762f3831272615cf92


but server will not start with either.

Any help would be appreciated.
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Re: php_ssh2.dll for VC9

Postby Sharley » 20. November 2011 22:44

I just download that extension and placed it the ext folder then enetered the details in the php.ini file and the saved the file.

I have Apache and MySQL starting but no entry in the phpinfo() page.

I had your issue when the dll extension was incorrectly spelt and it gace a system error found in the Event Viewer>Applications.

I can't test if the SSH is working but because it is not showing in the phpinfo() perhaps there is another issue with the extension or perhaps SSH is not available for TS Compiled PHP versions only NTS compiled PHP versions.

The version I would have expected to find SSH was 1.7.3 as it seemed to be a complete compile but alas it was not even available for it.

I notice that XAMPP 1.7.1 has SSH2 included but commented out in the php.ini by default which to have it included in the phpinfo() page would need to be uncommented.
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