XAMPP on usb

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XAMPP on usb

Postby cfb1972 » 18. November 2011 16:09

I'd like to use the XAMPP on a usb stick at work. Will it leave any traces on my machine so the IT can see I'm using this? Is this virtual server changing any windows resistries or something?

Thank you
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Re: XAMPP on usb

Postby JonB » 18. November 2011 16:47

A. - XAMPP is Windows registry agnostic, if it is not installed on a machine using the 'Installer', so a USB stick version won't make entries in the registry.
B. - The other part of your question is very hard o answer. It depends on the level of security tehy have implemented. If they run a tight shop with Windows servers and Group Policies etc. there's proabably nothing you can really hide. IF they let you arbitrarily plug in USB devices, I'm guessing teh security level is not 'paranoid'.

All that said - if they have a policy against it (using unauthorized soaftware), and you could lose your job - plan on losing that job, as 'weird **** happens' - such as how much do you know about how they audit IP traffic???...

Good Luck
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Re: XAMPP on usb

Postby Altrea » 18. November 2011 18:50

I am working at one of the IT Teams in a bigger company and can say, from my point of view, i don't like people doing security risk relating stuff in "my" networks. Why don't you talk with your IT, tell them what and why you want to do and use a concept which is unisonous with their security concept?
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