Proactive Blocking Service Needed

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Proactive Blocking Service Needed

Postby drhalliday » 10. November 2011 17:47

Hello all -
Testing a new site and the server is being overrun by intruders looking to hack in. I'm sick of manually blocking these intruders, each at a time, mind you.

Is anyone aware of a service that does this automatically and/or preventatively? I'm looking for a way out!
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Re: Proactive Blocking Service Needed

Postby Altrea » 10. November 2011 18:24

a good an well configured hardware firewall is able to monitor incoming requests and automatically react on it.
If you are using XAMPP as live server (as not recommend) then maybe you are in trouble now.
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Re: Proactive Blocking Service Needed

Postby vincero » 11. November 2011 02:32

drhalliday, if this is a test site and you wouldn't want anyone to come in I would either change the configuration to localhost and if you have an internet router ensure you turn off DMZ or stop forwarding any HTTP ports example port 80 or 443 to the service which has XAMPP. Having said that if you need the site to be publicly available for your clients and it's running on a content management system I'm sure you could find a sort of anti spam plugin.

Hope this helps!!
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