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Postby birdmantk » 05. November 2011 01:30

So this is probably a pretty dumb question, but I had a old HP DV7 where I had xampp installed. Well the mother board went out and I still have the harddrive and I am trying to see if there is a way to recover the current databases I had through the hard drive and put them onto the new computer I have now?
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Re: Mysql

Postby Sharley » 05. November 2011 01:33

First please supply the correct Windows OS in your profile.

Stop any other Apache or MySQL (XAMPP) components that are running then rename the xampp folder on your old drive to xampp_old for example then copy over the whole xampp_old folder to your new drive and then run the setup_xampp.bat file found in the xampp_old folder.

This should then give you a working XAMPP installation.

Test by going to http://localhost in your browser after you have started Apache and MySQL using the Control Panel in the xampp_old folder.

When you open phpMyAdmin you will be able to export your databases and then import them later into your new xampp installation.
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