Unable to Access service

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Unable to Access service

Postby SheridanYeates » 30. October 2011 17:17

I have installed XAMP 1.7.2. Port 80 is open (confirmed). IP address is registered. Apache is running, however I cannot access my website using my local IP address, my Web IP address or my site name. I can access it using http://localhost, however. Using a third part tool I got the following message:
"An attempted connection to was refused. This typically indicates that there are no services available on that port, but that it is NOT being blocked by a firewall or your ISP."

However there is a service on that port. httpd.conf is configured to listen on port 80. My index files are in the right location. The site worked for several months then suddenly stopped working. Is this problem familiar to anyone.
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Re: Unable to Access service

Postby Sharley » 30. October 2011 21:57

Blocked by an incorrect setting in your router perhaps as I get the same message 'Connection refused' from your Web IP or is your ISP blocking port 80 (Verizon are notorious for this behaviour), some do especially cable providers?
You can check your Web IP access from outside your PC's environment by adding your IP in the box provided at this web site:
It will show 'Connection refused' when doing a 'Service scan'.

Do you have a security application like ZoneAlarm or similar that may affect your Web and Local IP access to port 80, port 443 and port 3306?
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