New XAMPP security concept

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New XAMPP security concept

Postby ZedDreppelin » 26. October 2011 01:48

Greeetings again everyone :)

I went through the process of port forwarding my router but when I type in its ip address I get this messsage:

Access forbidden!


New XAMPP security concept:

Access to the requested directory is only available from the local network.

This setting can be configured in the file "httpd-xampp.conf".

Now, if I type in "localhost" everything is fine, but I don't know if this will cause any problems if I try accessing this page from a remote computer.

any and all help, thank you
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Re: New XAMPP security concept

Postby Sharley » 26. October 2011 01:57

Hello and welcome back. :)

Replace in the relevant second section of the security concept in the httpd-xampp.conf file to match the below code snippet which will permit a range of LAN IP addresses and hopefully should get you out of this access from the LAN issue:
Code: Select all
    Order deny,allow
    Deny from all
    Allow from ::1 \
               fc00::/7 \

    ErrorDocument 403 /error/HTTP_XAMPP_FORBIDDEN.html.var
Remember to make a backup 'copy of' before editing, then save the file and restart Apache.

The default section will only permit access to XAMPP's back end files and folders from localhost.

Also the \xampp\security folder is only allowed access from localhost, for obvious reasons, as per the first section of the security concept.

Good luck. :)
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