SSL Issue: Server Certificate Does Not Match URL

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SSL Issue: Server Certificate Does Not Match URL

Postby sydadder » 22. October 2011 01:12

Hi All,

I've just installed XAMPP 1.7.7 (tried 1.7.6 as well). From the control panel, started apache and sql and everything works well so far. However, once I enter localhost/ .... it directs me to the localhost/xampp default page... It doesn't take me further because of the SSL certificate issue.

I've tried almost 48 hours of search on the net but still was not able to find any solution. Reinstalled but didn't help. Tried makecrt but that didn't help. Everything.....

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Re: SSL Issue: Server Certificate Does Not Match URL

Postby Sharley » 22. October 2011 01:34

http://localhost/ redirects correctly to the XAMPP Welcome (Admin) page.
https://localhost/ will do the same.

The server certificates will give a warning if you are not trying to access a localhost address.

Please try and explain what you problem is in detail as the above behaviour is the default.
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