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Mysql password,how to set ?

PostPosted: 17. March 2004 12:23
by linkking
Hi !
I have installed "xampp" on my XP system and it works fine, but how do I
make/set the Mysql password ?
In the manual it says the following, but I cant make head and tails out of it:

"MySQL starts with standard values for the user id and the password. The preset
user id is "root", the password is "" (= no password). To access MySQL via PHP
with the preset values, you'll have to use the following syntax:

and in the faq section it said the following:

"In the \xampp\mysql\bin directory enter into the console:
mysqladmin -u root password secret

What is the name of this console, there are many exe's in that folder ?
Could someone please clarify this I would be very happy :D

PostPosted: 18. March 2004 18:47
by Roach
you can also do a sql-query to set your root-password:

SET PASSWORD FOR root=PASSWORD('your_new_password');

PostPosted: 19. March 2004 12:49
by linkking
Ok thanks, but what I am wondering is what application do I use
to communicate with Mysql to set the password ?, is it the XP command console(dos prompt) or....?
When you wrote "you can also do a sql-query", what is the name of the
tool youre using to type that in ?

:oops: Newbie man :oops:

PostPosted: 19. March 2004 13:33
by Wiedmann
What is the name of this console

it is the XP command console(dos prompt):
dosprompt>cd \xampp\mysql\bin
dosprompt>mysql -u root mysql
mysql> SET PASSWORD FOR root=PASSWORD('new_passwort');

(After that. You must change your settings for phpmyadmin.)

PostPosted: 19. March 2004 14:26
by Roach
linkking wrote:What is the name of the
tool youre using to type that in ?

:oops: Newbie man :oops:

you can you use the PhpMyAdmin to send the mysql-query

PostPosted: 20. March 2004 11:36
by linkking
Ok, thanks for your help ! :D

PostPosted: 20. March 2004 16:37
by Roach
you're welcome