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Xampp Issue

PostPosted: 07. October 2011 00:36
I have installed Xamp locally on my PC successfully to test Wordpress. After installing and configuring Wordpress i tried to access my site locally by typing i get "It Works". I am using Win 7 OS, i uninstalled Xampp and after doing so when i run IE9 I still get "It Works". How can i find this file so that I can reinstall Xampp. I can not find this file although I uninstalled Xampp. Can some one help please.

Re: Xampp Issue

PostPosted: 07. October 2011 00:40
by Sharley
Clear your Temporary Internet files (cache) and try again.

You would need to do this often when developing at localhost level so a fresh file is served not a cached file.

"It Works!" could mean many things so much more detail is required - what XAMPP version etc.

Re: Xampp Issue

PostPosted: 07. October 2011 20:40
I have cleared cache but still having this problem.
My operating system is Windows 7
Explorer 9

I have uninstalled Xampp
But when i ran IE9 and enter
I get web page showing "It Works"

Some where there is an html file that gives me "it Works"

There are no Xampp folder or other Xampp Files on my PC
Hidden somewhere is this file


Re: Xampp Issue

PostPosted: 07. October 2011 21:03
by Altrea
But somewhere on your computer there is running an Apache Webserver.
So check your Windows Services for any Apache service
Check your System Tray for running Apache instances
Check your Program Files for Apache folders
and check with netstat -aon in your command line for listening processes on port 80