Status not correct..

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Status not correct..

Postby anon_user » 16. March 2004 10:30

if i edit php register_globals to off, xampp status does not reflect the current status of mysql, php, ssi & cgi.

quoting from xampp status page :-
Some changes to the configuration sometime may cause false negative status reports. With SSL (https://localhost) all these reports do not function!

is this the only effect? is there any workaround for this behaviour?
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Postby anon_user » 16. March 2004 10:53

the reason why i'm posting this is because when register_globals is on i can try the demos like Biorythm but with register_globals off i cant run Biorythm.

so.. if biorythm cant work with register_globals off will other php prog be affected too? coz i'm getting weird result from other php progs from my own testing.
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register globals

Postby MAGnUm » 16. March 2004 19:10

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