Can xampp make database existing php files?

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Can xampp make database existing php files?

Postby theseus » 30. September 2011 17:25

This isn't a technical problem with xampp. I want to know if, instead of using xampp to create a website, if I can use it to organize and store data about existing forums. I have already downloaded the forum threads I want in xml so I could either a) use xampp to scan them and create a database or b) I can download them again and organize them as I go if I can program xampp to do that. I want to organize the forum postings according to thread, username, date, location, and post (of course). I watched several of the tutorial videos about xampp but they're mostly about making a database which then gets filled as users join your forum. I want to do something like the reverse. If xampp cannot do this then I'll be happy to hear about tools that can.

Just so you know, I'm not up to anything shady. I'm a sociologist analyzing the language used in public forum postings and I have IRB (Internal Review Board) approval for this project. I'm just not programming savvy... Anyway. thanks in advance. I appreciate your reading my post!

XAMPP Control Panel Version 2.5
Windows XP 5.1 Build 2600 Platform 2 Service Pack 3
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Re: Can xampp make database existing php files?

Postby Sharley » 30. September 2011 21:33

theseus wrote:XAMPP Control Panel Version 2.5
Windows XP 5.1 Build 2600 Platform 2 Service Pack 3
Your XAMPP version can be found in the readme_en.txt file in the xampp folder.

If you export your database by creating an sql file using phpMyAdmin at your hosting service then you would create your forum database using phpMyAdmin in XAMPP and then import your sql file into the database.

Assuming you have downloaded a copy of your forum files into the htdocs folder and made any configuration changes for path locations etc then after importing the database mentioned above, the forum should hopefully perform for you.

Good luck :)
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