Xampp over local network

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Xampp over local network

Postby nigge » 29. September 2011 21:06

My goal is to have Xampp running on a local server and i will connect it using the local ip... for example
But when i try this, i can access the index page, but as soon as i try to login to my page... the next page is "localhost/loggedin.html" which causes an error since the computer is looking in itself instead of the server.

Anyone that knows what im doing wrong?:-p

/Niklas Eriksson
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Re: Xampp over local network

Postby Sharley » 29. September 2011 21:28

We require your XAMPP version and your Windows Version to provide the correct version support.

nigge wrote:.. the next page is "localhost/loggedin.html" which causes an error
What exactly is this error message?

Read the \xampp\apache\logs\error.log file for clues.

Also what application or script are you using that requires the user/pass and did you configure it to use localhost or the LAN IP?

You may also need to do something with the LAN DNS or the Windows hosts files but I don't have a LAN so I can't help with that part.

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