Authentication Required? [SOLVED}

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Authentication Required? [SOLVED}

Postby jmy » 23. September 2011 19:55


I'm completely brand new to this. I'm trying to access the windows control panel. Worked fine yesterday but that was before I followed the recommended actions to protect the root directory. Now when I try to access the same panel I get an Authentication Required msgbox with the following message "A user name and password are being requested by http://localhost. The site says: "xampp user""

I've tried the userid/password combinations I recall from last night but it's not going past this screen.

Any ideas? Should I simply try and reinstall? I'm just worried about screwing it all up!

Many thanks,

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Re: Authentication Required?

Postby Sharley » 23. September 2011 20:40

We require your XAMPP version and your Windows Version to provide the correct version support.

Simply delete the .htaccess file in the C:\xampp\htdocs\xampp folder.

Then delete the .htpasswd file in the C:\xampp\security folder and the .htaccess file in the C:\xampp\security\htdocs folder.

Now try and starts Apache again.

Good luck :)
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Re: Authentication Required?

Postby Jaymringer » 02. October 2011 23:56

Good information. I had a similar problem and tried a few fixes. The steps you recommended were spot on and fixed my issues as well. Thanks for the support.
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Re: Authentication Required?

Postby chris1946 » 03. October 2011 13:18

I had the same problem, but put it on the back burner for a few days as I had a product to ship by last Friday.
This fixed my problem - I suspect someone had changed the default Apache setup on my box (maybe me?) and that's what caused it
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