Unexpectedly Prompted to accept change to stored password

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Unexpectedly Prompted to accept change to stored password

Postby manObject » 22. September 2011 15:34

I have just downloaded and installed XAMPP for use as a development server. I supplied a root password for MySQL for my own peace of mind and while on the security page, I entered a username and password for directory access protection. When I submitted the form, I was unexpectedly presented with an alert I have never encountered before, which presented me with a list of all my stored passwords and which was asking me which one I wanted to update and use for this new task. I immediately backtracked as I had no wish to interfere with any existing passwords I had set up for specific purposes elsewhere. However, I found that a username and password combination had been set up regardless - I have no idea which. I found I could not access localhost from that point on because I kept getting prompted for an unknown username and password. I had to completely delete the entire XAMPP installation and re-install. I can now access localhost and as this is a development server behind a firewall, I shall not be going anywhere near the 'security' page - life is too short! Perhaps it would be a good idea for clearer instructions about exactly where additional security is required, and where it would be just a nuisance.
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Re: Unexpectedly Prompted for user name and password

Postby Sharley » 22. September 2011 15:40

XAMPP does not ask for user/pass unless you set one up in the Security menu.

You may have IIS or some other server running where a user/pass has been set.

Open xampp_control3.exe in the xampp folder and click on Netstat button and see what other server may be using port 80 and port 443 - both required exclusively by Apache in XAMPP.

You may also see some error feed back in the CP3 log window when you run it.

Good luck :)
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