XAMPP Windows Server 2003 Mysql is taking up resources

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XAMPP Windows Server 2003 Mysql is taking up resources

Postby DKY » 22. September 2011 00:04

I have a Windows XP box that I had previously installed XAMPP on with one processor and 4 GB of Ram, on average when people would query against the machine it would take up about 5% of the resources...
I have since migrated to a Windows Server 2003 machine and re-installed XAMPP while exporting the SQL via phpmyadmin and importing into the new environment. This new environment has 4 processors and 8GB of Ram on VMware. Now when people query against the machine it uses around 90% of the resources!!!
I have been googling all over and can't figure out why this would be, is it possible that there is a setting in MySQL that would cause a memory leak or something? Any and all help is greatly appreciated!!

FYI, I've posted the same question here in the hopes that someone can offer assistance:
http://forums.devshed.com/mysql-help-4/ ... 50138.html
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Re: XAMPP Windows Server 2003 Mysql is taking up resources

Postby Sharley » 22. September 2011 02:00

Look in the mysql folder and replace the current my.ini file in the bin folder with perhaps a more suitable one from those presented.

The default my.ini file is based on my-small.ini for low resource systems, the default.

You would need to rename the current my.ini and copy your trial my*.ini and then rename it to my.ini, then restart MySQL.

This procedure may work and may not but you have nothing to lose by testing it out.

Good luck :)
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