Running Filezilla Server on a LAN network?...

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Running Filezilla Server on a LAN network?...

Postby artfulME » 17. September 2011 02:10

So I'm trying to setup an FTP server on my XAMPP enabled desktop so that I can upload website files to it without having to use a flash drive. I have two computers: One for serving, the other for working, and they are both on the same LAN network. I just can't seem to be able to get it setup correctly. I've forwarded my ports, and I've tried so many other things, but I still can't connect from anywhere else. Now, if I had the server and the client on the same computer, I can do it. But I'm looking to move files from my work computer to my server (they are sitting right next to each other like brothers :) ).
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Re: Running Filezilla Server on a LAN network?...

Postby hackattack142 » 17. September 2011 02:42

I just tried it on my LAN with a fresh installation of XAMPP (it is using FIleZilla Server 0.3.9 Beta). I installed the FileZilla service via the XAMPP Control Panel, Started it, and connected to the Admin Interface to make sure it was running on my first machine.

I then fired up my FileZilla FTP client on my other machine and was able to connect to the server via the anonymous account that comes enabled by default. It works for me without changing any settings, you might want to check that any firewalls you might have are not blocking the connection at one of the computers. If both computers are on the same LAN, you shouldn't have to worry about port forwarding.
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Re: Running Filezilla Server on a LAN network?...

Postby Sharley » 11. October 2011 09:29

Heed the warning I issued - use this topic as I have locked your duplicate topic ready for deleting.

We require your XAMPP version and your Windows Version to provide the correct version support - please read the following Announcements.

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