My Goal

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My Goal

Postby GlennC » 16. September 2011 02:25

First off, let me tell you that I first came to this forum just to see how active it is to see how "alive" XAMPP is. It's great to see so many helpful responses to the questions. Very impressive!

My Goal is to get Apache, PHP, MySQL, and my site running on a server out there. I want the Apache site to serve up data with a Secure Data Service. I think know barely enough to pull it off, or maybe slightly less. The way my work schedule is, I get about a half hour here and there, and when configuring things, it's hard to keep a coherent workflow.

So first, I want to get everything loaded on my home PC. I already loaded Apache 2.2, MySQL 5.5, MySQL Workbench 5.2, PHP5.2.17, Open SSL 1.0.0.e Lite. I have also downloaded the WSO2 Web Services Framework for PHP but haven't been able to configure it correctly. I'm ready to punt and try again.

Should I uninstall any of these before running XAMPP?

Thanks in advance,
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Re: My Goal

Postby JonB » 17. September 2011 18:32

Hi Glenn

I'll try to get to the point -

You will probably need to uninstall everything mentioned, other than MySQL Workbench. The balance of the components rely on integrating directly with each other to make a 'stack work'. This is mostly in the form of 'paths' and registry entries. They need to know where to find the other pieces and how to communicate at an interprocess level. The framework would have installed to accommodate the location of the Apache installation, which will now change, so it too should be re-installed after XAMPP is running

That works one way for standalone apps, and yet another for integrated suites like XAMPP or WAMP. XAMPP has all its configuration files (the hard part) already pre-configured, and does not rely on the Windows registry to do this. In fact, you don't actually need an installer, it comes as a zip or 7Zip arhive or as a MS installer (msi) - all of them basically result in the same installation. XAMPP runs without any windows integration, its all done with executables (.exe's) and batch files + a Control Panel for a GUI access to the setup.

MySQL Workbench will be unaffected as it connects through a TCP/IP or local MySQL port (ditto the python that may have been installed with it).

I hope I have been clear enough.

Good Luck
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Re: My Goal

Postby GlennC » 19. September 2011 20:30

JonB wrote:I hope I have been clear enough.

Yes, extremely helpful. Thanks JonB!
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