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XAMPP backup

Postby berseck » 14. September 2011 20:52

Hello everyone,

I was having issues with my xampp and couldn't make it run with all thing that I needed, so I have backedup my main folders:

After I have done that I just got the version 1.7.3 since it's the latest version working that works pretty well tomcat and other stuff.
I removed everything that was on xampp folder after uninstalling... and installed again.

Everything is working pretty well, mysql works, apache works... no problems on that.

But when I copied my backup mysql\data to the new E:\xampp\mysql\data
I can see now on php things like this:
But when I enter on that wordpress db it only shows 25 tables... and it was working pretty well before I removed I could see all tables and everything without any issues.

Anyone know what can I do to repair? or make my other 30 tables to show up again????
And they are on my data folder... but those tables that doesn't show doesn't have .MYD and .MYI only the file with .frm

Anyone can help me on that???

Sorry for my poor english!!!

Thanks in advance
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Re: XAMPP backup

Postby JonB » 14. September 2011 22:26

A. - that is NOT how you backup MySQL. Use Export in phpMyAdmin or the CLI - mysqldump.exe to create a .sql file.

B. well WHAT old version of XAMPp were you using???

C. The right thing to do is install the old XAMPP version somewhere else, then copy the MySQL data folder you saved into that installation - THEN DO A PROPER EXPORT/DUMP.

D. Use that export to import the tables into your new installation. Use phpMyadmin or the MySQL monitor - 'mysql.exe'

http://www.webcheatsheet.com/SQL/mysql_ ... estore.php

Then install a WP db backup plugin and use it - I use this one -


Good luck

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