XAMPP security

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XAMPP security

Postby debasishkanhar » 07. September 2011 12:16


I know we can set password to a sub directory using .htaccess file.
But i was wondering is there any way, like i can access the contents of the file from another webpage without being prompted for loging in.
But when i visit the folder explicetely using address, m asked to login.

Suppose the subdirectory is site.
and main page, index.php.(contains statement: include("site/xyz.php"); )
So dont want to be prompted for password when i enter: localhost/xampp/index.php
But password should be entered when someone enters : localhost/xampp/site
Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.
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Re: XAMPP security

Postby glitzi85 » 15. September 2011 14:54

You didn't try what you supposed, did you?
The php include function is working on the filesystem level (if the include does not start with a web protocol like http://). Therefore no Apache restriction is effective here!

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