Admin Button Doesn't working

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Admin Button Doesn't working

Postby markyeoj » 05. September 2011 08:57

Hello, I have a problem, I am currently installing the WordPress, but before that I have to configure my XAMPP. On the image below, I am setting up mySQL but when i hit the "Admin" button besides the mySQL it doesn't' working. I just follw the instructions givin in this site ... ith-xampp/. Please.

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Re: Admin Button Doesn't working

Postby glitzi85 » 15. September 2011 15:27

Simply open http://localhost/phpmyadmin in your Browser (that's what the button should do).
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Re: Admin Button Doesn't working

Postby Sharley » 16. September 2011 20:44

The Control Panel contained in the 1.7.4 release is a little buggy.

My advise is to download the Control Panel Version3 from the link in my signature then extract xampp_control3.exe into your xampp installation folder, usually C:\xampp then double click to use it instead of the one you would normally use.

You can create a shortcut and place it on the desktop or any other suitable location.

You will find the version3 control panel has many more features for you to enjoy.

You can read all about this version 3 CP or report any bugs you may fine here:

Good luck.
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