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Any end in site?

PostPosted: 04. September 2011 11:26
by eokorie
Is there any end in site for the next version of XAMPP.... PHP 5.3.8 has been released fixed several issues, critical ones as well yet you guys are bundling 5.3.7. Effectively making you guys really out of date... Will this web rectified? Or may I better off just making my own own upgrades to the current XAMPP that I have?

Re: Any end in site?

PostPosted: 04. September 2011 17:08
by JonB
You can always send a note to the project leaders, I'm sure they will appreciate it. As it happens, an error by the PHP group in 5.3.7 has thrown a spanner in the works, invalidating the work of all the people developing suite distributions. I'm sure the latest version is critical to your development work, so I'll tell them all to toddle along more quickly.

In the mean time, here is why (while you are welcome to try) you probably can't upgrade individual components of XAMPP. ... stallation

The technical explanation would be that in XAMPP, Apache and PHP are co-compiles. :shock:

Good Luck

Re: Any end in site?

PostPosted: 07. September 2011 16:53
by hackattack142
PHP 5.3.8 has only been out for about 2 weeks and everything here is done volunteer by my understanding so you should give them a little slack. A new version of the Beta is out and has PHP 5.3.8: