status check failure 3 and wordpress install

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status check failure 3 and wordpress install

Postby dough_boy » 01. September 2011 16:49

I just installed XAMPP 1.7.4 on Windows 7 and received the "status check failure 3" prompt in the control panel. Despite the "status check failure 3" I can still run the myPHPadmin, set up a database and set up the localhost and pull up the local host by typing it in my URL.

I use dreamweaver CS5 and am trying to integrate wordpress with it and using XAMPP as a testing server. I have followed two different tutorials step by step that deal with the installation of Wordpress and XAMPP as a tester.

Everytime I go to install wordpress(the last step) I get a message that my PHP is not running or it isn't installed or it's turned off. It is running and I have it installed.

Can anyone tell me if this has to do with the "status check failure 3"?

I am new at this and have been able to find a great deal of info but honestly I am at an impasse on this. Thank you for any suggestions.
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Re: status check failure 3 and wordpress install

Postby JonB » 01. September 2011 17:29

did you use the search forum window? "status check failure"?

Status Check Failure 3 -- Its a cosmetic error in the Control Panel that shipped with 1.7.4. It has nothing to do with WordPress.

Fix it by installing the new Control Panel 3

DL it here:

What Wordpress version are you trying to install? I have many WordPress installs, several running on XAMPP and I have never encountered that problem. You might want to check in the WordPress forums. (Or maybe someone here will have had that issue)

Good Luck
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