HELP with XAMPP : Recover Database (w7)

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HELP with XAMPP : Recover Database (w7)

Postby ericamigo » 01. September 2011 08:42

Hi to all, I REALLY need help with this one.

Here's what happened;
- The other day, I go to a friend of mine who is a MAC user then let him delete all VIRUS files in our SERVER DISK.
- on that SERVER DISK, our XAMPP is installed and we are using XAMPP for the school yearbook's data encoding (Drupal with Views & CCK)
- when I checked the files at the office, the start application of xamp is missing including the control. (the one we run if we want to use xampp)
- I can run mySQL server using start_mysql.bat, and also apache.
- I can even access the PHPmyAdmin on http://localhost/ but i can't see the database there. =(
- BUT, when i browse our locally-hosted site (XAMPP), I can access it, I can add data, etc, like nothing was happened.

Here's what I simply want,
- I want to recover the database/s inside my existing XAMPP then put it in a NEW install XAMPP, without going through PHPMyAdmin.

Is that possible? Can anyone help me with this thing? really need to fix this problem ASAP. We are now on our presswork and I'm afraid that all datas may be lost within no time.


Thanks you so much in advance!
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Re: HELP with XAMPP : Recover Database (w7)

Postby JonB » 01. September 2011 14:39

its simple

use MySQL Workbench (it contains a server administration and backup/restore tool)

or learn to use the mysqldump.exe CLI option ... -outcomes/

Good Luck
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