An opion for the next release...!!!

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An opion for the next release...!!!

Postby hackem » 12. March 2004 21:01

FIrst, Thanks to all pplz that make this great installation kit. second, I have an aopion for the next release which are: can U guys add some thing likes:

-Email Server

Pop3 / Imap / Smtp
Virus scanner integration
Spam filter integration
Execute external programs when receiving e-mails
Notification, redirecting und copy functions
Internal e-mail in LAN
Local e-mail addresses
E-mail groups

- Nntp (news) server
- DNS forwarder / server
- Sntp (TIME) server
- Socks 4/5 Proxy for i.e.
+ Homebanking

- Telnet gateway
- RealPlayer proxy
- Extra gateways

let me know if this is possible ????
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Postby Kristian Marcroft » 14. March 2004 03:04


I'm sorry to say so, but I do not think any of these will ever be in XAMPP.

XAMPP is primary a development Package for Webdesigners and Coders.

What you want is a complete System...
which would be far to big... and not possible to support.

Sorry mate..

So long
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