Problem with Virtual Host and ServerName

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Problem with Virtual Host and ServerName

Postby Castell » 23. August 2011 14:46

Hi there,

since i wanted to run two websites locally on my apache,
i added the virtual host directive to httpd.conf and added
also a line to the hosts file under the windows directory.

All went well, localhost led to one directoy, localhost2 to the other.

But the problem was, that whenever i used $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME']
in a php script, this always got dissolved into and that
ip led always just to one of the folders.

So in the other website, that wasnt targeted by,
i can't use $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'] now.

What can i do?

Any help would be highly appreciated.

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Re: Problem with Virtual Host and ServerName

Postby JonB » 24. August 2011 13:56

Did you create one or two virtual hosts?
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