php_apc.dll Any help?

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php_apc.dll Any help?

Postby ruthielmoore » 18. August 2011 13:44


Anyplace for getting php_apc.dll directly? Without PEAR installers and things like that?
Found this page, though the versions seem old: ... ies_builds
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Re: php_apc.dll Any help?

Postby JonB » 18. August 2011 15:06

do you actually READ the replies to your queries? (like how I responded to your basically identical request a couple of days ago) :shock:

had you READ it, you would know the answer...


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Re: php_apc.dll Any help?

Postby Sharley » 19. August 2011 00:36

JonB wrote:do you actually READ the replies to your queries?
The link below may test the OP's forum searching, reading and comprehension skills :wink:

Sharley wrote:I found a php_eaccelerator.dll for 1.7.4 version's PHP 5.3.5 (VC6 X86 32bit):
(which also contains in the index other useful files like the php_apc.dll extension)
From this post viewtopic.php?p=183442#p183442
Which also has a link in the above post to files suitable for VC9 compiled XAMPP 1.7.5 beta.
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