Undefined variable: _SESSION

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Undefined variable: _SESSION

Postby FvR64 » 18. August 2011 11:09

HI, I receive this note on localhost:

Notice: Undefined variable: _SESSION in C:\xampp\htdocs\villacare\shared\inc\init.inc.php on line 26

When entering the file I read this, where line 26 is : $db = $_SESSION['db'];

$default_delay = 3;
$page_size = 8;

$db = $_SESSION['db'];

$uk = false;
$nl = false;
$fr = false;
$es = false;
$de = false;

Presumebly the original script was made with an a older PHP version and seems not to be supported by the newer versions. Also is it on a localhost as we did not get it working.

Anyone a idea?
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Re: Undefined variable: _SESSION

Postby WilliL » 18. August 2011 15:17

error_reporting is changed in newer xampp packages (php.ini).

I would keep this and change code
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if ( !isset($_SESSION['db'])) {
       $db = ""; // or "dummy"
    } else {
        $db = $_SESSION['db'];     
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Re: Undefined variable: _SESSION

Postby Altrea » 18. August 2011 18:59

do you have a
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line at the beginning of your script?
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Re: Undefined variable: _SESSION

Postby FvR64 » 19. August 2011 08:52

Thanks WilliL, I made the changes and I think it works, I did not receive the note again :)

Thanks Altrea, I tried this before an got another note as it was already written in another script which is part of the whole.

For now I have it working on localhost, now have to get it up end running on the web

Thanks again
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