curl loaded but not functioning??

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curl loaded but not functioning??

Postby Harpist » 13. August 2011 05:41

Hi folks,

I am having problems with curl functions. I have uncommented php_curl.dll in php.ini, restarted Apache, run phpinfo and curl is enabled. But my routines that use curl_exec are not functioning as they did on my previous servers. The basic php code I am using is:

$rc = curl_init ($request);
if($rc > 0)
curl_setopt($rc, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, true);
$response = curl_exec($rc);

I am getting a return code from curl_init but no response from curl_exec (and the code that I've requested is not running). This code worked on two other Apache servers (one Linux, one Window) and I take it to the development environment on my laptop and it works fine. Any assistance would be welcome.


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