can XAMPP run on dvd ?

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can XAMPP run on dvd ?

Postby IGraham » 12. August 2011 22:45

Would you know if either XAMPP can after been set up on a pc then be transferred to and be run on a dvd
i need to distribute a website gallery on dvd

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Re: can XAMPP run on dvd ?

Postby Sharley » 13. August 2011 00:39

XAMPP on read only media may not be possible as Apache and other components need to write to a disk.

It is possible to use XAMPP from a writable USB drive.

The only solution that readily comes to mind is an app suite called MicroWeb:

You may also find similar apps either freeware or commercial using your favorite Internet search engine, for example these search results.
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Re: can XAMPP run on dvd ?

Postby chitrang » 13. August 2011 20:49

You can always give it a try.
Atmost you will waste a CD or to be safe use a rewritable one.

What all features of XAMPP you want to use?
You can use XamppLite version to load it on a CD/DVD/pendrive

There are various other options you have if Xampp doesn't work:
USB WebServer:

and many others you can find one Google

If you are able to find the perfect tool to meet your requirement then please to post your reply here so that it could be useful to others

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Re: can XAMPP run on dvd ?

Postby IGraham » 13. August 2011 22:44

thanks for the replys, much appreciated

I've started looking at the Server2Go option - unfortunately after two weeks of rain the suns started to shine :D and a job around the house has come up, in other words this will be on the back burner for a few days but once I'm sated with sunshine and MDF I'll get back on this and will report back if i got it to work or not

again thanks for the replies
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