XAMPP - MySQL and Ms SQL Server

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XAMPP - MySQL and Ms SQL Server

Postby weemeng » 10. August 2011 02:30


I am new to XAMPP. I have installed XAMPP on my web server machine (Win 2008 R2) running my website. Now that I am thinking of installing MS SQL Server 2008 on the same machine, just wondering if this will cause any conflict with the existing XAMPP.

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Re: XAMPP - MySQL and Ms SQL Server

Postby JonB » 10. August 2011 05:10

Hi -

On the face of, there shouldn't be a big issue. I'm assuming you have disabled (in some fashion) IIS. Therein is the seed of a second level problem. Many web management tools for Microsoft Server products rely on having IIS running to provide the web interface (remote management).

The right thing to do IMO, would be to see if that dependency exists for SQL Server 2008. If so, consider the ports that will be used by each web-facing HTTP process. Note that XAMMP starts both ports 80 and 443 by default.

Good luck
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