Apache displays all but my own company website

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Apache displays all but my own company website

Postby Swede68 » 10. August 2011 01:34

Hi all,

I've been racking my brain for weeks now, but can not figure this out!

I recently installed the latest version of XAMPP as I wanted to get away from Windows IIS. Still running Server 2003 for now though.

Everything runs fine, MySQL, PHP, etc. Have everything configured and set up in httpd.conf and httpd-vhosts.conf. We host 20+ websites for different clients.

Now my issue is, all websites run just fine except my own company website. I simply get a Oops! Google Chrome could not connect to http://www.my-web-server.com All the other sites are pointing from their respective registrars to NS1.my-web-server.com and NS2.my-web-server.com, and I am using Simple DNS Plus to sort all the DNS records.

I even tried shutting down Simple DNS and no luck. Do I even need a separate DNS program or will Apache take care of those records. (Guess that's another topic on how Apache handles DNS records and Name servers?)

Could there be an issue with the Name server records? I've tried everything in <VirtualHost>, using *:80, the website url, IP address, etc.

Everything worked just fine when we were running IIS, but I wanted to switch to Apache so we could utilize PHP re-directs using .htaccess files.

Any suggestions would be great.

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Re: Apache displays all but my own company website

Postby JonB » 10. August 2011 05:31

Swede, I have to first say - the XAMPP environment was not intended for production servers (its right on the FAQ page).

Be that as it may I have a couple of answers for you...

Apache relies on the Microsoft OS to handle DNS resolution. (AFAIK)

BTW - that URL resolves to the root of a very much alive web server...
A - I think I know the owner actually (from another project)
B - its running Apache on Linux.

Make sure you don't have a loopback exclusion, if you are on your own network checking your domain. (Particularly if you have a PDC on your network)

does your website resolve correctly from OUTSIDE your local loop?

(you could PM me the URL if you want)

you also might want to post or PM your vhost setup (by any chance, did you put your domain in the default {first} vhost???? )


Good Luck
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