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Uninstall grr

Postby uglyeoin » 05. August 2011 20:50

Hey when I uninstall XAMPP it offers me two helpful options, don't take my htdocs and don't take mysql databases. I generally never want to remove either, but sometimes XAMPP crashes so I do a reinstall. This time however, I got distracted by a dog, and also suffer from the bane of impatience, and hit return as soon as a saw a next button.

Now mysql databases are gone. Irritating for sure, and also my fault.

In the future could you either ask the questions at the beginning of the uninstall so we have time to click back if we make a mistake, and before the impatience of loading times overcomes us and we feel urged to click quicker to save miliseconds which feel like hours.


Could you set the default to no thanks I don't need to delete the important parts.

Thanks a million, XAMPP is great.
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