UNABLE to install xamp

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UNABLE to install xamp

Postby passionateboy123 » 31. July 2011 06:37

using webmatrix (IIS ) and xamp (apache) since IIS is listening port 80 , i configure apache file httpd.conf and changed each port to 11 in place of 80 .Now my xamp showing green icon . but now when i tried to access some file of /www/example.php i got

HTTP Error 404. The requested resource is not found.

with url http://localhost/example.php

help me .
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Re: UNABLE to install xamp

Postby Altrea » 31. July 2011 08:08

passionateboy123 wrote:changed each port to 11 in place of 80
with url http://localhost/example.php

If you change the port to anything else then the Default port, you have to give it to the url.

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