XAMPP Apache Error

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XAMPP Apache Error

Postby kvsolga » 27. July 2011 11:29

every time I click start it says:

ERROR: Apache service not started [-1]

Please help thanks
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Re: XAMPP Apache Error

Postby Sharley » 27. July 2011 11:34

First I recommend you use the new XAMPP Control panel, link in my signature.

Download and extract the xampp_control3.exe file only into your xampp installation folder and use it instead of the CP included in the XAMPP release which has some bugs that don't seem evident in the new CP.

Using the old CP first Stop Apache and MySQL and then remove the ticks in the SVC check boxes.
Exit the old CP.

Start the new CP but do not tick any of the Services check boxes.

Start Apache and MySQL.

When both are running you can then click on the Admin buttons of Apache and MySQL.

Apache Admin should open the orange Welcome page.

MySQL Admin should open phpMyAdmin.

See if you can now move on.

If you still get the error then read the \xampp\apache\logs\error.log file for more clues.
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