Component Status Check failure [3] error

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Component Status Check failure [3] error

Postby Dust » 22. July 2011 15:40

Hi all

I'm getting this error message come up when I start running XAMPP:

XAMPP Component Status Check failure [3].
Current directory: (C)
Run this program only from your XAMPP root directory.

The thing is, once it's gone, the software then works absolutely fine!? It's all installed in the C:/XAMPP folder so that's not the problem so, has anyone got any idea why this is happening?

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Re: Component Status Check failure [3] error

Postby Altrea » 22. July 2011 15:48

This topic is solved many many (many many) times before.

It's a script failure in the control panel. It's buggy.
But it doesn't have any other negative effects.

You can ignore this message, or you download and use the new XAMPP control panel v3
simply download, extract in the xampp root folder and start.
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