transfer layer security help

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transfer layer security help

Postby chandecweng » 20. July 2011 06:01

Can I know where to plugin the Transfer Layer Security.thanks for reply
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Re: please help me...

Postby Sharley » 20. July 2011 06:14

chandecweng wrote:Can I know where to plugin the Transfer Layer Security.thanks for reply
Your topic subject should have been more about the question not a plea for help as everyone usually comes here with a need for help - you can change the subject in your first post by editing it to Transfer Layer Security Help.
If you edit this subject then it serves to help those searching this forum for similar issues, OK. ;)

SSL/TLS as it more widely known is already installed on the default XAMPP installation - you can't physically plug it in. :)

Try and go to https://localhost in your browser and you will see for yourself that it loads the secure pages.

The certificates etc are located in the \xampp\apache\conf folder and the configuration settings are in \xampp\apache\conf\extra\httpd-ssl.conf file.

If you have any other issues with SSL/TLS then you will need to be much more specific about what it is you need help with, rather than posting a simple one liner that contains absolutely no details whatsoever.
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