I can't Stop MySQL or Apache!

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I can't Stop MySQL or Apache!

Postby syntrax » 20. July 2011 04:32

I just installed Xampp on my win7 64 bit laptop, and every time that I launch the xampp control panel, i get an error that says:
XAMPP Component Status Check Failure [-2].
Current directory: c:\xampp
Run this program only from you XAMPP root directory.
[ok] [cancel]

isn't "c:\xampp" the root directory?
and if i click OK, the control panel runs, but is useless, if i click on stop either MySQL or Apache, I only have those 2 installed, i get errors that they can't be stopped.

I just reinstalled it many times and i always get the same error, I even disabled my firewall and Antivirus,

all help is appreciated :)
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Re: I can't Stop MySQL or Apache!

Postby Sharley » 20. July 2011 04:58

This has been well covered previously.

I suggest you read this next post so you have a chance of moving forward a little quicker than repeat uninstalling and reinstalling with much the same problematic results.
It uses an alternate method of installing and has had great successes being reported back.

You can, at the same time, download and extract the exe file only of the new version 3 Control Panel which will eliminate the Status check failure error, from this location:
Full topic for reading here:

Make sure you have administrator rights when you login to your PC then see if all the suggestions above will have you able to enjoy your XAMPP experience. :)

Best wishes.
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