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Re: More of: Can't Open PHP Files

Postby Altrea » 04. July 2011 21:33

Woodworx wrote:I just read in the WordPress docs, that they don't even recommend using Dreamweaver to edit their files! What kind of BS is that?

Well, i don't recommend anybody to use Dreamweaver anyway.
But every developer should choose that editor / IDE which makes him most efficient. 8)

Woodworx wrote:And what of the blog folder now? Does it stay where it is, in htdocs; or does it get placed into wordpress/wp-content/themes like on the host server? Damn, more questions!

Like a productive system. It had to be in wordpress/wp-content/themes/themename and installed / active as Theme in the Wordpress Backend.
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Re: More of: Can't Open PHP Files

Postby Woodworx » 05. July 2011 04:22

Understood. Thanks again for pointing me in the right direction. Anyway your avatar photo is freakin' me out :P
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Re: More of: Can't Open PHP Files

Postby Woodworx » 06. July 2011 01:57


Just a follow up...
Installed WordPress onto the xampp server on my computer to mimic the structure on my host server, and it is working!!! HOT-DAMN! I even had to de-bug a syntax error in my wp-config.php file (pat on the back to myself!!) I got my theme loaded, and imported changes that I did on the hosted pages, and "IT WORKS!"

Again, thanks for pointing an rookie in the right direction! :D :D :D :D :D
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Re: More of: Can't Open PHP Files

Postby JonB » 06. July 2011 02:33

[Edited - I'm glad you got there, I was putting this together while you were getting fixed, I'm just 20-30 minutes late
So take this as a 'here is the shining path thing']

Ok, a perhaps knowledgeable 'Word-Presser' will make a comment:

WordPress is a PHP application framework (albeit CMS oriented). Its not something you can tackle willy-nilly.

You have to grok the WordPress core.

You DON'T NEED anything like Dreamweaver to work with it, because all the parts are extensible. Any programmers editor will work (you just want support for PHP syntax) . You don't need a graphic GUI because the presentation layer (themes) is 100% abstracted from the logic. There are even Theme frameworks, like Sandbox and Thematic - which are also extensible. (child themes). You can update the WordPress core IN PLACE, and everything will still work 99.5% of the time due to complete abstraction and normalization. Amazing!!!

read this:

the Loop is the secret!!

Look at these:

There's a whole architecture for plug-ins and widgets...

This is 'all different' and non-linear in some ways - its "structured thinking". i.e - how do I add a behavior within a given context???

The first question is 'what is the context'???

I hope you will take the time to look at the WordPress Codex, its is arguably the best on-line documentation ever developed.

If you follow it and post in the Forums - there is almost NOTHING you can't ask WordPress to do - just ask nicely... LOL

(I am 'someone else' over there)

and remember, Matt Mullenweg WILL e-mail you back!

and as he would say

'Peace and Love'

Good Luck, its an exhilarating trip!

[One could conclude I'm a WP believer]

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