How to FTP with separately installed Filezilla

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How to FTP with separately installed Filezilla

Postby Ballaw » 03. July 2011 18:16

Hello, I installed XAMPP a few days ago and I already had an installation of Filezilla. My question is, what do I have to do to FTP into localhost? I use localhost or for my host name, I use port 21, and I read somewhere that newuser and wampp are the default passwords, but neither that nor leaving the user and password fields blank work. How do I configure these settings? Thanks for the help!
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Re: How to FTP with separately installed Filezilla

Postby JonB » 04. July 2011 00:42

Well -

1st - I guess it should be mentioned that you only need to FTP into XAMPP from a remote machine. IF this is obvious, then excuse my being a bit pedantic, but I have explained this several times before, only to find folks didn't know they could move thing locally just fine with Windows Explorer.

For the next item, I am presuming you meant you have installed the FileZilla Server software already.

2nd - You just create a user for XAMPP in your original FileZilla server install and make that user's Home Directory (Shared Folders)be \xampp. Be sure NOT to start FileZilla in teh XAMPP Control Panel, nor (sic) to make it a service.

Good Luck
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