Mysql not start

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Mysql not start

Postby adeee » 29. June 2011 14:56

guys am new in programming. i use xampp for website creation. well my problem is when ever i start the xampp only Apache will run fine but mysql not starts. and it force me to reinstall the xampp. i am sick of reinstalling xampp. any idea?

Remember mysql first time start fine and after when i it turn off and use some other software i-e Flash, Fireworks etc. and restart the computer, then mysql not run.

What is the Problem?
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Re: Mysql not start

Postby Sharley » 30. June 2011 02:17

adeee wrote:i am sick of reinstalling xampp. any idea?
You may not have uninstalled the Windows service of MySQL before reinstalling XAMPP and so it may still be installed and unusable.

Try and follow these instructions to uninstall and then reinstall XAMPP using a different method:
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