backup xampp, mysql, glpi, ocsreports on windows enviroment

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backup xampp, mysql, glpi, ocsreports on windows enviroment

Postby elguayo » 28. June 2011 17:13

Hello guys. I’m new on this forum because we just started using xampp and MySQL where I work. We started using OCSreports and GLPI on a Windows Enviroment. Both on the same server.

We are using the server to get the inventory of all computers on the company and the software installed on them. Additionally we are using GLPI to create Task for the people on the Support department. So the server is starting to become a critical server. It’s on production and we want to get back ups for the server.

So we use Brighstore for our backups, and we like to back up our servers in a way where in case disaster occurs, we can restore a server as soon as possible. But we don’t know that is important to backup for xampp and mysqlk. And I’m not sure either if I need to back up anything special on windows too, for xampp to work when I restore a server with mysql and xampp.

Before I read that in order to backup mysql I need to stop the service, but I’m not sure If I would be able to do that.
Can anyone help me with these tasks?

Thanks a lot and have a nice day.
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Re: backup xampp, mysql, glpi, ocsreports on windows envirom

Postby JonB » 29. June 2011 02:30

Ok, this is a 4th of July joke, right???


Like you are either in IT or Support, right???

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