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Gd Library Support

Postby Umpqua » 08. March 2004 20:26

I am trying to create graphics with PHP and cannot get them to work. I am running the miniXAMPP and everything else works well. I have checked the configuration settings and the portion for Gd is set to "auto". I can see the three graphs on the index page which show that Gd is working. Do I need to use a plain HTML page and use the php graphic file as an image source? Thanks :?:
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call your gd code like an image

Postby aparsons » 10. March 2004 15:53

I found instructions for this at New York PHP. You code your php file with the calls to GD, etc. Then call the php file (with parameters to control it) like an image from the page it is used in.

Introduction to PHP Image Functions

In the above presentation, you create a php file "simplepng.php".
You then choose a color (0A2F90) and call this file from your web page as if it was an image:

<img src="simplepng.php?color=0A2F90">
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