Accidently uninstalled databases

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Accidently uninstalled databases

Postby tryin_to_learn » 24. June 2011 17:34

I was uninstalling XAMPP to reinstall it differently and without thinking, I had it wipe out all of my databases. I still have a working copy of XAMPP on my old machine (Vista). I went to phpmyadmin in the old machine and exported a sql file of all of the dbs, but when I tried to import it to my new machine (Win 7), it said it was too large. Can I just go back to my Vista machine, copy the xampp > mysql > data folder to a portable harddrive and then copy the whole folder to the mysql > data folder in my new machine? Will that work?
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Re: Accidently uninstalled databases

Postby Nobbie » 24. June 2011 18:50

tryin_to_learn wrote:Will that work?

Simply try it.
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